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Rodent's Revenge and SkiFree - Good Old Days of Gaming
Posted by Kaleb Brasee on Saturday, February 14th, 2009 at 03:09 PM
Download Rodent's Revenge
Download SkiFree

I was looking through my directory on my hard drive today and reminiscing (yeah, I have files that are 15 years old, I think that counts as reminiscing). In the "ancient" directory I found two awesome old games that I had forgotten all about: Rodent's Revenge and SkiFree.

Rodent's Revenge is a great little strategy game where you're a mouse that has to corner cats using blocks so that they don't catch and eat you. Somehow, cornering a cat means that it evaporates, but I'm not exactly sure how or why that happens. You can download Rodent's Revenge here.

SkiFree is a twitch action game where you ski down a hill, slaloming or freestyling among trees and hills and lifts and dogs and other skiers. And eventually if you ski far enough down the hill, a yeti eats you. The slalom mode keeps track of your best times — I remember trying for hours to get better and better times on the tree slalom. You can download SkiFree here.